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Noble way to showcase your Patriotism in You

patritic run

We, August 15th Organization has initiated this facility of gifting a National flag to induce and bring out the inner patriotic feeling hidden in every citizen of India. Having this noble cause, we have planned to conduct multiple marathon activities in the name of PATRIOTIC RUN regularly throughout the nation. We make people in huge masses to run the marathon sport with our National Flags in their hands to wave out the spirit of patriotism in all and also preach the importance of being patriotic Unity in all.

May be you can’t participate in such wonderful marathon events for any reasons, but you as an INDIAN CITIZEN can be a small fire stick to induce patriotism in all younger minds. This small contribution towards gifting a flag to all would make your more proud to be an INDIAN.

Never miss a chance to salute your national Flag.

1500 Flags Gifted. Let’s get to 100000!

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Size: 14 inch X 24 inch

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